Our linen yarns

Only 100% European flax fibres are used to produce our linen yarns, selected by ourselves. We have a continuous quality control on the spot, from the fibre till the loading of the linen yarn in container,
organised by our Shanghai office. Extensive test reports of the yarn are available.

Our linen yarns for knitting

Only top quality linen yarns can be used in the knitwear industry. Carefully selected flax fibres combined with a technologically high skilled spinning system are needed for our knitwear collection of linen yarns.

Linen knitting yarns

Our linen yarns for weaving

Our weaving yarns develloped for warp & weft are used for clothing & apparel, upholstery & home textiles, technical textiles and for carpet weaving. Yarns can be bleached, boiled (natural) & twisted.

Linen weaving yarns